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Albufeira - Lisbon, we leave the Algarve

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Portugal, summer 2001, Albufeira - Lisbon, we leave the Algarve

Cork-oaks, south PortugalWe have lots of time today; the trip to Lisbon is only 250 km., so we take small byroads. When we leave the Algarve we notice a change in atmosphere, as though the heat becomes more dusty, we don't know a better word for it. Maybe it is the lack of cool ocean air. The vegetation is also changing and everywhere we see skinned cork-oaks.
In the evening we enter Lisbon across the famous 25 of April-bridge where a 28 metres high statue of Christ stands on a pedestal of 82 metres high.
We have a clear itinerary to the campsite, but we miss a turn and get lost on the road network of the city, so we see more of it than we have planned for the first day. But we get there and think the campsite is very luxurious, even more than the one in Albufeira.
At the campsite, Lisbon At the campsite, LisbonWe install ourselves near a washing accomodation and a power outlet, so we can boil water for our tea and coffee in the morning. In the shadow of the trees it feels much cooler and better than the place we had in Albufeira.
The day is coming to an end and we decide to take 2 days to look around in Lisbon. Tomorrow we will make a guided tour through the city so we will see and visit most places of interest in a short time. The day after we can visit the centre on our own. But first we pay a visit to the swimming pool to swim and read what our travel guides can tell us about this city.


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