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Praia da Mira, the weather is becoming nasty...

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Portugal, summer 2001, Praia da Mira, the weather is becoming nasty...

Praia da MiraIt is cold when we wake up, the temperature has dropped with at least 10°C and the sky looks gray. Nevertheless we go to the beach, but after shivering with cold for half an hour we get on the car to look around in the neighbourhood.
Mira looks gloomy in the rain, which has just started to fall, so we drive more to the north, to Aveiro. We walk around for a couple of hours but don't have the feeling we are on holiday, or even abroad. Maybe our attitude is influenced by the 'bad' weather. We are so used now to only see sunshine and have high temperatures. And a country can look so depressing in the rain. Well, we see that in Holland all the time. But it is also the atmosphere which isn't as friendly as in the Algarve or Lisbon. But we decide to change our attitude and leave Aveiro for a long trip through the neighbouring villages of which some are quite nice.
There are some places in this area we want to visit, but when we hear that the weather is much better to the east, we decide to move tomorrow. Places like Coimbra and Conimbriga we can alos visit from our new place.


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