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Casfreires, a last quiet day

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Portugal, summer 2001, Casfreires, a last quiet day

Tomorrow we will be on our way back to Holland so we take a last resting day. After a few somewhat colder days the weather has improved a lot and after driving through some small villages in the neighbourhoud we stay near the swimming pool for the rest of the day. We have it almost for ourselves, most of the time.
Camping Chave Grande, Satão Camping Chave Grande, SatãoFrom the swimming pool we can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. For a luxurious campsite like this one, it is quite cheap. The campsites in Lisbon and Albufeira have been almost twice as expensive! A compliment for the Dutch owners, Bert and Gea!
Camping Chave Grande, SatãoWe started this trip as non-beachlovers but because of the high temperatures we now love to be on the beach or swim in the water. Our journey is almost over and we want to enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool for the last time. But we think we will never just have a 'beach-holiday', we want to see and do more when on holiday.
For dinner Teije gets two grilled chicken from the nearest village (only € 3,-). Our last evening in Portugal we spend in the pub of the campsite where we have some pleasant conversations and it is quite late when we walk to our tent.


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