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From Casfreires through Spain to southern France

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Portugal, summer 2001, From Casfreires through Spain to southern France

We want to leave early, today, but it has been very humid at night and our tent doesn't dry up. Very late we leave, but it isn't a big deal, for we have three days to drive home.
After a few hundred boring kilometers through Spain, Teije wants to take some smaller roads, so he leaves the highway at Gasteiz Vitoria in the Basque country, towards the foothills of the Pyrenees. Via secundary roads to Bilbao and from there to the coast of the Gulf of Biscaje. The narrow coastal roads are beautiful, but there is a lot of traffic and no places to stop to take a picture. After driving around for a few hours we finally arrive at the French border, just past San Sebastian.
But then we decide we want to get past Bordeaux today, so we won't have problems with the rush hour there tomorrow morning and suddenly we are in a hurry. But the busy traffic doesn't help much and it is quite late when we start to look for a hotel in Libourne, east of Bordeaux. We have made a trip of 1050 km. and need a rest. The city looks very attractive with it's illuminated medieval buildings but we don't find a hotel, at least not one that is open. And after an hour we decide to drive on and look for another place to stay. About 22h30 we happen to drive past a camping where the reception still seems to be open. They normally close at ten but we have been lucky. We are both very tired, but within 20 minutes we have set up our tent and are ready. It is nice enough to sit outside for another hour to relax a bit and then we fall into a sound sleep.


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