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To Rethel, northern France

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Portugal, summer 2001, To Rethel, northern France

Today we are on our way very early and go to the north of France. But we don't want to take the quickest road, so we first go to the east and then to the north, through central France.
Auxerre, FranceTo the right Auxerre as we enter it. The last part of the journey the landscape changes and isn't so pretty anymore and we start to take toll roads, something we normally never do.
Railway station of Rethel Elisabeth in our hotel, RethelAt the end of the day we arrive in Rethel, north of Reims. This last night we want to stay in a hotel and find it near the railway station: Hotel du gare.

The hotel is fine, but we can't recommend the food and certainly not the prices of the food: for 1 small plate with 'rabbit feed' we have to pay FF 70 (€ 10,50). We leave most of it on the plate. After a short walk through the village we early go off to bed.


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