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Rethel - Groningen, the journey back home

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Portugal, summer 2001, Rethel - Groningen, the journey back home

La Roche, BelgiumThe last trip of this holiday, but we decide to enjoy it as much as possible and we drive extensively through the Ardennes. We stop at several villages and small towns. To the right La Roche.
Durbuy, BelgiumA few years ago Teije has been to Durbuy, the smallest city of Belgium, so he thinks Elisabeth has to see it, too. The city is very small, but it has gained a city charter sometime in the Middle Ages. It is hidden in the woods and concentrated around a city square. We walk around for an hour and then go on our way.
Now we start to come upon one traffic diversion after another and it takes quite some time to pass Luik (Liege); later we learn the Tour the France has started and is going through this neighbourhood this day.
The last picture of us on this tripAlas, after a last picture of us together in the Ardennes it is really over. That terrible moment of entering Holland again: we rather leave. But that won't be very long... And we have no right to complain: a whole month we have been away, with beautiful weather, we have seen a lot, experienced a lot, what more could we ask for? We have driven almost 9000 kilometers and been to Andorra, Barcelona, Cordoba, Gibraltar, Portugal. It has been a great trip!


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