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Information about San Marino

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Information about San Marino

Facts about San Marino

The (national) flag
Official name San Marino
Surface 61 km²
Inhabitants 33.285 (2016)
Population density 546 people per km²
Capital San Marino
Currency Although San Marino is not part of the European Union it has permission to use the euro as currency.
Road network There are 2 main roads and a network of smaller roads, all of them in good shape
Fuel prices For actual fuel prices in all European countries see Autotraveler.ru.
Code licence plate RSM
Telephone countrycode 378
Internet countrycode .sm
Time difference GMT+1; the same time as in the Netherlands

Geographic data

San Marino is situated in Southern Europa and is surrounded by Italy. San Marino lies 10 km.off the Adriatic Sea. The surface of San Marino is 61.2 square kilometer, only 0.0017 the surface of the Netherlands.
More information on Wikipedia.

PopulationNaar boven

San Marino is een densely populated with more than 440 inhabitants per square kilometer. Most of its people are from San Marino or Italy.
More information on Wikipedia.

LanguagesNaar boven

De official language in San Marino is Italian. But some inhabitants also speak: 'Romagnol'. More information on Wikipedia.

HistoryNaar boven

San Marino was founded in 301 by Marino (Sint Marinus), a Dalmatian cleric.
More information on Wikipedia.

ClimateNaar boven

San Marino has a Mediterranean climate with cool and mild winters and hot summers. The yearly average temperature is 16°C.

Flora and faunaNaar boven

Since San Marino lies within Italy, it has generally the same flora and fauna as northeastern Italy. Most common animals are the hare, squirrel, badger, fox, and porcupine. Nature is mostly cultivated with with orchards, vineyards, and olive groves.

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