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From Beauly to Edinburgh and back to home

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Scotland, April 2002, From Beauly to Edinburgh and back to home

Breakfast at half past seven; that's no time to get up when you are on holiday! But we have to make the long trip to Edinburgh and most of the road is just a two-lane road, so you never know how fast you can drive. But we have reckoned with some extra time, because we know how hard it can be to leave this hotel and its owners, Iain and Cathy. Cathy is already awake and sitting at the breakfast table, although she normally wakes up late, because she works till late in the pub. Elisabeth gets a heavy box with chocolates and Teije gets some big pieces of smoked salmon from their own smokery, presents we are very happy with.
Sadly, we say good-bye and we hope to see them again soon. But we really have to be on our way now.
The Highlands The HighlandsThere is only little traffic on the road, maybe because today the Queen-mother is buried. And the weather is fantastic: it starts to drizzle just after we had arrived at the airport.
Elisabeth with Scottish cap Forth Road Bridge from the planeWithin 3 hours we have driven from Beauly to Edinburgh (280 kilometers) and we are generously on time. We only have to wait now for the aeroplane which will deport us from Scotland. Alas...

Before we know, we have our last glance at Forth Road Bridge from the plane and within an hour we are at Schiphol, where it is cold and chilly. After an hour by train and two hours by car we are 'home' again. This (too) short holiday is over.
But the counter to our next trip is counting down and next year we will have our own castle in Scotland!


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