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It is summer but also very cold and wet,to Plockton

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Sunday 22 June, it is summer but also very cold and wet,to Plockton

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In the morning I wake up by a strange sound, as if someone is tapping on the window. Would the lamas do weird things or is there a burglar? After a while I go and have a look and I do not know who was more shocked, me or the crow who frantically was holding a mirror fight with himself in the glass. It is still early, so quickly back to bed.
Waking up with lama’s before the doorIt is still cold and wet when we wake up and look outside. For Teije's birthday, I put a few llamas on the door, then at least he has some present... In Finland 2002 I completely forgot his birthday, this time not, but I had no opportunity to buy something without him noticing! In the afternoon we drive to the nearby village of Plockton.
Street in PlocktonPlockton is a small town, but quite well known by the palm trees that grow there. Especially when the weather is nice it seems like a spot on some Costa in the Mediterranean. Not today, it looks only dreary in the cold and the rain. Also bad luck for all those tourists who have replaced the fishermen of the past.
The harbour of Plockton The harbour of PlocktonThere is still some fishing going on in the beautiful bay in Plockton, but tourism has become a bigger source of income. Although that is not to be seen on a day like this. There are still some boats on excursion (eg looking for seals), but in general it is very quiet. We do some shopping in the local supermarket but then we go back to Craig, here it is also nothing to do.
Looking for shells at the beachThen I'd rather look for shells on the beach no matter how bad the weather is. There is always something new to find when the tide is going, although much looks the same. But occasionally I find a special shell or stone.
A deer in the seaWhen Teije comes out a little later, he suddenly sees a deer running across the beach and jumping into the sea. The animal swims around for a long time until we lose sight of it. Our llamas look totally uninterested, they walk easily over the sharp stones of the rocky beach, but do not venture into the sea.
Low tide in Loch Carron Seagull on the rocks, CraigAt the end of the afternoon it seems to get a bit clearer, but soon the rain begins to fall again and we flee back inside. Although, Teije is looking for his place in the wide windowsill to be able to be outside on his birthday. With a thick winter coat on, I wouldn't like it! No, I settle at the warm stove and hope for better weather. For Teije it is probably his first birthday when he has not even seen the sun for a short while.


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