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Via England and Hastings we travel home

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Monday 30 June, via England and Hastings we travel home

Click here for the route and our photographs in Google Earth.
The last two days of the holiday have arrived and of course the weather is getting better and warmer now. We have bad luck with the weather this year on our trips; all the rain we have had so little in recent years we apparently got this year. But on the back of a Scottish packet of chips we read the following: Everyone complains about the weather, but at Walkers we're happy when it rains! Lots of rain produces the best potatoes (for the best crisps). So enjoy ... whatever the weather! Solif advice!
On the way back Teije even finds about 30 kilometers of roads that we have never driven (it is a part of a highway, not much fun ...) and then we quickly drive through England. For a change we take the northeastern ring road around London to see how busy it is. Well, very busy! Usually we take the other side but the navigation indicates every time that this route would be faster. But we can not compare this time with the outward journey because then we drove past it on a Sunday afternoon, now on a Monday late in the afternoon in rush hour.
By 9 o'clock we are in Hastings where the Travelodge this time is a very pleasant building, an old inn that apparently has been bought up by the chain. It is a long way from the center, but not on a remote industrial estate, and it has its own restaurant, so we do not have to go to some nearby fast-food place.
Oldtimer in the harbour of Dover Oldtimer in the harbour of DoverThe next morning we drive into the port of Dover at 10 o'clock, after a nice ride through the countryside along this coast. While waiting for the ferry, many people are marveling at a number of nice oldtimers who also go by boat. Beautiful, those old cars!
The harbour of Dover Seagull on the boatExactly in time the boat leaves the port and soon we see the French coast in front of us. The sky is as blue as we have not seen it a lot on this holiday. But despite the cold and the rain, we had a great time. You do not go to Scotland for the weather (although, it is so much better when it is largely dry and a bit warmer, I think secretly).
Elisabeth on the boat Teije on the boat2 hours of relaxation in the sun and then drive for 5 hours to the far north, and our holiday will be over again. Next year our granddaughter may very well come along, I can already look forward to that now. That will be a very different kind of vacation with much less kilometers but just as fun. Mmm, I already feel like it!


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