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Walking in the cold weather

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Wednesday 25 May, walking in the cold weather

Bad roads on Arran Hiking near SannoxThe clouds hang low above the land and it rains when we wake up. Only by noon it becomes a little bit drier and we go out. First we drink a cup of coffee in Lamlash after we have safely passed the holes in the driveway of the road. Then we drive to Sannox for a walk through Glen Sannox on the northeast coast of the island. You can make various walks and we start with the climb to a point where you can see the mountains in the middle of the island, even though they are largely covered in clouds.
Hiking near Sannox Hiking near SannoxThe paths are pretty good but it goes up and down and occasionally there is a steep slope. The area is very varied, wild and landscaped forests, but you can also go further into the Glen with open plains and there are still openings of old barite mines to see.
In the forest we found at least remnants of a few former construction.
The coast at North Sannox River at North SannoxVia the bay of Sannox we walk towards North Sannox where more walks can be made and where many remains of former habitation can be seen, such as the remains of an iron age fortress. We have a fairly detailed map but we do not find all sites or the map is not that reliable. The remnants that we encounter are certainly not comparable with Machrie Moor where we were yesterday.
Hut in the woods, North Sannox Hiking in the North Sannox areaDuring the clearances in the 19th century two entire villages disappeared here. The people were chased away to make room for sheep. Most of them left for Canada.
This cabin is probably more recent. We come across several of them in a forest that was planted in the 60's. All trees are neatly planted in straight rows and despite the announcement on an information board that a lot of wildlife can be seen here, we do not even hear birds.
Hiking in the North Sannox areaBack at the beach we walk around for a while looking for shells and we find a few nice ones that we take with us but when it starts to rain, we walk back to the car. We have been on the road for a few hours, but I can more easily tell about a stone circle or a burial mound than about a walk. Hence a short story.
At a supermarket we buy the ingredients for our dinner, and then we are back early at our house and this time it is impossible to stay outside, we are soaked from only walking from the car to the front door. The pouring rain never seems to stop tonight. So we are happe we have taken so many books with us!


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