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Another 10 days in Scotland without photos

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Saturday 21 June, another 10 days in Scotland without photos

From the last 10 days of this holiday we have no photos at all! Somehow they got lost, we searched all our usbdrives and memory sticks, used recovery software, but we found nothing at all! We know we spent a week in Beauly, with our friends Iain and Cathy, who always have a place for friends in their hotel. Undoubtedly we drove around a lot in the neighborhood and through a bill of a laptop account I see that I helped Iain with his 'automation' again. He is rather chaotic, to say the least, and almost every year I help him with his computers, the email and the wifi in the building. And the telephony, I spend hours on the line with a telecom company, Chess Telecom, which claims that he has taken out a 5-year subscription, something he would never do as they will retire within 2 years.
And furthermore there is little to tell without photos, but we certainly enjoyed our stay here again. But weird that we can remember so little of it, without the photos, except for the week in Kilmun because it was such beautiful weather and quite warm.
On the basis of the hotel reservations we can still verify that we have descended to the south via Dumfries at the end of the trip. But when we arrive at the hotel (Glenador House) the owner tells us that he had already expected us yesterday! Because we sometimes forget the date during the holidays we arrived a day late and now we feel as if the holiday is also 1 day shorter than we hoped. Because tomorrow we have to go further south and have no time to look around in the neighborhood as we had planned. Unfortunately we still have to pay for both nights (130 pounds).
The last night we stay in Canterbury and we remember something about it because we are kept awake half the night by a bunch of deaf people next door who probably do not realize that they make a lot of noise. After a while I go there but there is no response to my banging on the door. The next morning we hear from the reception that more people have complained, but that doesn't help us much.
Maybe we also remember so little because we went here too soon after the holiday to Greece. It was our first time in Greece and that trip has made a big impression and there should have been more time until the next holiday, we were still busy processing that one. Better next year, but still we are sure we also had a great time in Scotland!


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