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A few quiet days

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Friday 16 September, a few quiet days

From the pictures we took, I can see that we have made a tour on Friday, September 16, but from the days after we do not have any photos at all. Would there have been a problem with the camera again, I actually have no idea. Anyway, that is why we have summarized these few days on one page.
The stone circle at Moyness The stone circle at MoynessOn Thursday we drive to the east and from the A96, the main road between Inverness and Aberdeen, I take all kinds of turns where we have not been yet. So we meet at a crossroads at Moyness, a hamlet where once a castle stood, but there is nothing left of it. At a crossroads nearby we see a beautiful stone circle with a diameter of 30 meters. There were once three circles around each other of which only the middle one can still be seen. In the middle an urn with ash has been found but it does not seem to exist anymore.
Checking the road, somewhere at Auldearn The entrance to an estateWe end up somewhere at an estate where several roads are under water and I even occasionally have to leave the car to check if it is not too deep for our car. The streams do not seem that deep but the water still has a decent power and we do not want to be dragged away, a bit of a waste of the car.
Coffee with cake, Dunkeld Bridge over the Tay riverMonday the 19th we say goodbye to Iain and Cathy because we have to slowly head back towards Newcastle where we will take the boat back to IJmuiden on Wednesday. At Dunkeld we have a long break at the water of the Tay River and it is beautiful weather again, even though it is not 25 degrees anymore. We drive to Dunfermline, just above Edinburgh where we booked a room in the Sweet Chestnut. It is strange that we do not have more photos of these days, especially with this clear weather. And that we do not know exactly what we have done, but undoubtedly we have not been bored, as we never do on holidays.


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