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Brugge en Schotland: travelogue May 2017

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Brugge en Schotland: travelogue May 2017

This year we are going to Scotland in May but it is not such a success. We start and end with beautiful weather but in between it is gloomy, rainy and cold. But the worst thing is that Teije gets a serious throat and ear infection for which he even has to go to the hospital. And thus we see and do much less than we normally do. First we go to Beauly in the Highlands for a few days, then to Perthshire and Fife and back to the Highlands. Because we don't go out so often, we make far fewer photos than usual and our travel reports are therefore also a bit shorter. At the end of the holiday the GPS function of the camera also stops and we do sometimes not even know where we took some of the pictures. No, it was not the best holiday but nevertheless we have seen some nice new things in this beautiful country.


On our way to Scotland we first stop at Bruges


From Bruges to Beauly in 2 days
Clootie Well and Brahan the Seer
A few short trips in Moray
Touring along the Tay river and to St. Andrews
Driving through Perthshire
To Falkland and Fife
A few days in Beauly and going home

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