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Wednesday 19 September, going back home

We leave Stirling in time and even though Teije manages to find a few more roads we have not been to before, we do not have much fun. A storm from the Atlantic ocean rushes across the land and the first hours the car goes back and forth in the pouring rain. Trucks sway in all directions and I do not like to be on the road with this weather. We have considerable delays and when we also arrive around rush hour at the ring road of London you can guess that it is the time for long delays. Eventually, it takes us almost 12 hours to cover 800 kilometers and I am happy when we arrive at our hotel.

Thursday 20 September 2018, the last trip home

The chalk cliffs of Dover The chalk cliffs of Dover are slowly disappearingThe next morning we arrive at the harbor within half an hour from the hotel and wait for the boat in the bright sunshine, which is quite a difference with yesterday. In the Netherlands, a summer day with temperatures above 25 degrees is expected. While waiting, Teije has a conversation with a nice Englishman who comes to the Netherlands to commemorate Operation Market Garden (the largest military offensive in the Netherlands during the 2nd World War).
A quiet corner on the ferryOn the boat we always find it boring, time does seem to pass slower than ever and I often can not concentrate on reading a book. I also have that in a train or plane, you just have to wait until your vehicle has arrived and you can do nothing yourself. We hang around for a while on the outside deck but there is a strong wind and it feels a lot colder than on the mainland.
The port of Dunkirk Beach at DunkirkOften, of the ferry trip while going to Scotland we only take pictures of Dover, the cliffs and the surroundings there, so for a change we have now made a couple of photos of the port of Dunkirk. It is a large and very industrial area with a few beautiful beaches but everything is empty because the area is hermetically sealed against refugees trying to come from here to the United Kingdom.
Industry at Dunkirk Activity in the port of DunkirkThe port is one of the largest in France and it is good that the directions signage for the carferry is good because you can get lost easily on the vast terrain. That happened to us once when new roads were building built a few years ago. Furthermore, we do not think the harbour has any special attraction, at least not for us, we rather like the small Scottish harbors. Everything is way too big here.
Once again on the mainland we feel the warmth and during the ride to the north the temperature rises to 28 degrees. Delicious, just a pity that we are travelling in the car all day and are regularly in a traffic jam. Eventually we are back at 7 o'clock in the evening after 2 exhausting travel days. Because we were 8 days with Iain and Cathy in Beauly, another 4 travel days there, this holiday felt like a very short one, although we have been away for 2 weeks. But we would do it right again, despite the weather Scotland is one of the most fascinating countries to stay.


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