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Armadale Castle

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Armadale Castle

There are many, many castles in Scotland, according to some sources 3,000!
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Armadale Castle Armadale CastleArmadale Castle lies on the peninsula Sleat, on the island Skye. This gotic castle was build in 1815 for Lord MacDonald of Sleat. In 1855 it burned down. They are very busy making it a more attractive place for tourists. The castle was build against an existing building. Wedding pictures are being made behind the former entrance, now a small park.

Armadale Castle Armadale CastleFrom the castle you can see the mainland of Scotland. The gardens are very pretty, mainly because of the mild climate on this green part of Skye.

Armadale Castle Armadale CastleIn the gardens is a new building, the Museum of the Isles, about the history of the Western Isles. It wasn't completely ready when we visited it. The buildings are being renovated since 1975, but you cannot enter every building.

More information can be found on this site of the castle.

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