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Dunnotar Castle

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Dunnotar Castle

There are many, many castles in Scotland, according to some sources 3,000!
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Dunnotar Castle Dunnotar CastleThe oldest part of this very nicely situated castle dates back to the 12th century. The castle played an important role in the War of Independance against the English. Part of the castle was dismantled in the beginning of the 18th century to prevent the Jacobites to use it as a stronghold against the English.

Dunnotar CastleDescending to sea level and climbing again almost 50 meters, you can reach this magnificently situated castle. In the 15th to the 17th century more and more buildings were build on the courtyard.

Dunnotar Castle Dunnotar CastleTwo important tragedies happened here: in 1296 the castle was besieged by William Wallace who let a few thousand English burn in the castle. In 1685 167 socalled Covenanters (men and women) were held prisoner in a small room, tortured and some of them were executed.
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