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Duntulm Castle

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Duntulm Castle

There are many, many castles in Scotland, according to some sources 3,000!
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Duntulm Castle Duntulm CastleThere was a Norman fort before this 15th century castle was build. What has been left of the building all dates back to the 17th century when the MacDonalds of Dun Scaith moved here. They abandoned the place in 1730 and later they moved to Armadale Castle (see above).

Duntulm CastleThe ruin is freely accessible and with a clear sky you can see the remote islands to the west. The castle is located on the nortwestern coast of Skye, an important strategic place, certainly for invading Normans. There are (vague) plans to renovate the building somewhat, to attract more visitors to this part of Skye. We think this should be a success, considering the beautiful situation of the castle.
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