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Dunvegan Castle

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Dunvegan Castle

There are many, many castles in Scotland, according to some sources 3,000!
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Dunvegan Castle Dunvegan CastleHome of te chiefs of the clan MacLeod since 1270 and thereby the longest inhabited castle by one family in Scotland (and maybe all of the United Kingdom). The castle is situated on an island, although you don't notice it when you walk there. To enter you have to cross the Fairy-bridge. The castle has a lot of connections with fairies, like the Fairy Flag which is supposed to have given victory to the MacLeods two times already.

Dunvegan Castle Dunvegan CastleThe rooms you can visit have been redecorated and show important things from history, like the Fairy Flag. On the ground floor there is an excellent video presentation, by John MacLeod of MacLeod, 29th chief, himself. Throughout the centuries the building has been expanded and rebuild. The oldest part that has been preserved dates from the 14th century. The gardens are not very large, but pretty. Sometimes boat trips are organised to visit seal-colonies in Loch Dunvegan.
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