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Alphabetical list of castles in Scotland

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Alphabetical list of castles in Scotland


More than 1200 castles and other medieval buildings can be found in Scotland; here we have a list of more than 300 of them, mostly castles, divided over several pages. When you miss an important monument, or see an error, please contact us. We tried to find a website for every castle to provide more information and pictures.
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Aberdour Castle 12 Used to be very prosperous Fife Website
Ackergill Tower 15 Is now a hotel Highlands, Wick Website
Affleck Castle 15 Also called Auchinleck Castle County of Angus Website
House of Aigas   A small castle near Beauly Highlands Our site
Airth Castle 15 Is now a hotel Argyll  
Aldourie Castle 19 Incorporating an earlier towerhouse Highlands, bij Loch Ness Our site
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle 19 Now a luxurious hotel Western Isles, Harris Website
Ardtornish Castle 14 A ruin Argyll, Mull  
Ardverikie House   This castle is used in the series 'Monarch of the Glen&apos Highlands, Loch Laggan Our site
Ardvourlie Castle 19 Now a small hotel Western Isles, Harris  
Ardvreck Castle 16 A ruin Highlands Our site
Armadale Castle 19 Partly renovated with beautiful gardens Highlands, Skye Our site
Auchans Castle 17 A ruin Highlands Website
Auchindoun Castle 15 Ruin, but nice Grampians Website
Avondale Castle 14 Also called Strathaven Castle Clyde Website
Ayton Castle 19 19th c. castle on the east coast in the Borders Borders Our site

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Baldoon Castle 17 A ruin Galloway, Wigtownshire  
Balfour Castle 19 Is now a hotel Orkney, Isle of Shapinsay  
Balgonie Castle 14 Castle is inhabited, but a visit is possible Fife Website
Balhousie Castle 15 Now a museum, free entrance Perth Website
Balintore Castle   Dilapidated castle at Balintore, is now being restored Angus Our site
Ballencrieff Castle 16 East Lothian  
Ballinbreich Castle 14 Once impressive, now a ruin Fife Website
Ballindalloch Castle 16 Well preserved castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Ballone Castle 16 Completely renovated castle on the east coast of the Highlands, near Tarbat Highlands Our site
Balmoral Castle 15 Official Schottish residence of the royal family Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Baltersan Castle 16 Towerhouse Ayrshire, Maybole  
Balvaird Castle 15 Towerhouse Perthshire Website
Balvenie Castle 13 Inhabited until 1720 Grampians Website
Barcaldine Castle 16 Still inhabited and Bed &Breakfast Argyll Website
Barholm Castle 15 Towerhouse Galloway Website
Barr Castle 15 A ruin Ayrshire  
Barra Castle 12 Also called Kisimul Castle Isle of Barra Website
Berriedale Castle 15 Almost nothing left Highlands Website
Birse Castle 17 Present castle dates from the de 20nd c. (1920) Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Blackcraig Castle   Perthshire  
Blackness Castle 14 Near Linlithgow  
Blair Castle 13 Nice, well mainatined country house/castle Perthshire Our site
Blairquhan Castle 19 Now an expensive hotel Ayrshire  
Blervie Castle 16 Highlands  
Bognie Castle 17 Also called Conzie Castle, a ruin now Website
Bonskeid House 19 Castle along Loch Tummel Our site
Borthwick Castle 15 Is now a hotel bij Edinburgh Website
Bothwell Castle 13 The castle has never been finished Clyde Website
Braemar Castle 17 The castle is totally renovated Grampians Our site
Brahan Castle 17 In 1953, the castle was destroyed Highlands, Dingwall  
Branxholme Castle 16 Borders  
Brims Castle 16 Highlands, bij Thurso Website
Brodick Castle 13 More a country house Ayrshire Website
Brodie Castle 16 Well preserved Grampians Our site
Broughty Castle 15 Museum Perthshire Website
Buchanan Castle 19 Deteriorated Argyll, Stirling Website
Burleigh Castle   A ruin Perthshire Website

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Campbell Castle 15 Castle Campbell is a 15th century castle near Dollar in the Scottish region of Clackmannanshire. The castle was the headquarters of the Campbell clan from the late fifteenth century to the mid seventeenth century. Clackmannanshire Website
Cadzow Castle 16 South Lanarkshire, Hamilton Website
Caerlaverock Castle 13 Build around a triangular court Galloway Our site
Caisteal a'Torr   Fortress from the Iron Age Ayrshire Website
Caisteal Maol 15 A ruin Highlands, Skye Website
Calgary Castle 19 Now a holiday residence Argyll, Mull  
Caprington Castle 15 Ayrshire, Kilmarnock Website
Carbisdale Castle 20 Now an inn with relatively many ghosts for such a young castle Highlands, Sutherland Our site
Cardoness Castle 15 Ruins of a towerhouse Galloway Website
Carn Liath   Broch (fortified tower) from the Iron Age Highlands Website
Carnassarie Castle 16 Towerhouse Argyll Website
Carnell Castle 15 Ayrshire, bij Craigie Website
Carrick Castle 16 Argyll Website
Carrick Castle 15 Simple castle, is being renovated Argyll Website
Carsluith Castle 16 Galloway Creetown  
Castle Campbell 15 Impressive ruins; originally called Castle Gloom Argyll Website
Cawdor Castle 14 Well preserved Highlands, Inverness-shire Our site
Cessnock Castle 15 Ayrshire, Galston  
Claypotts Castle 16 Closed to the public Perthshire, bij Dundee  
Collairnie Castle 16 Only the tower remains of a once much larger castle Perthshire Website
Comlongon Castle 14 Now a hotel Dumfriesshire Website
Corgarff Castle 16 The castle is restored in it's original condition Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Couston Castle   Renovated. King Charles I died here in 1666 Fife, bij Aberdour Website
Coxton Tower 17 Towerhouse Grampians Website
Craig Castle   Ruin, castle of the clan Urquhart Highlands, Ross-shire  
Craigend Castle 19 Located in the Mugdock Country Park Greater Glasgow  
Craighall Castle 16 Holiday castle Perthshire  
Craigievar Castle 17 Beautiful castle with all it's turrets Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Craigmillar Castle 15 A ruin bij Edinburgh Website
Craignethan Castle 16 Clyde Website
Craignish Castle 15 Private property Argyll Website
Craigston Castle 17 Belongs to the clan Urquhart Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Crathes Castle 16 Beautiful small castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Craufurdland Castle 13 Private property Ayrshire, bij Kilmarnock  
Crichton Castle 15 bij Edinburgh Website
Crosbie Tower 14 Ayrshire  
Culcreuch Castle 13 Now a hotel Argyll, Stirlingshire Website
Culzean Castle 18 Ayrshire, Maybole  

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Dairsie Castle 16 Completely renovated and still inhabited Fife Website
Dalcross Castle 17 Highlands, bij Inverness  
Dalhousie Castle 13 Hotel and restaurant Bij Edinburgh Website
Dalkeith Castle 12 Lothian  
Dalnaglar Castle 18 Perthshire, bij Blairgowrie Website
Dalquharran 15 2 castles; one from the 15th c. and one from the 18th c. Ayrshire, Girvan Website
Darnaway Castle 13 Highlands, Forres  
Dean Castle 14 Used to be called Kilmarnock Castle Ayrshire, bij Kilmarnock  
Delgatie Castle 11 Now a hotel Highlands, Banffshire Website
Denmylne Tower 16 Fife Website
Dirleton Castle 13 Very impressive castle Lothians Website
Dornoch Castle 13 Now a hotel and restaurant Highlands, Sutherland Our site
Douglas Castle   Also called Castle Dangerous Lanarkshire Website
Doune Castle 14 Location where Monthy Python and the Holy Grail was filmed Argyll Website
Drochil Castle 16 A ruin Bij Peebles Website
Drum Castle 13 Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Drumlanrig Castle 17 Dumfriesshire Website
Drummond Castle 15 Perthshire Our site
Duart Castle 13 Argyll, Mull Website
Duchal Castle 14 Ayrshire  
Dudhope Castle 17 Dundee  
Duffus Castle 12 A ruin Grampians Website
Dumbarton Castle 5 The oldest part which has been preserved, dates back to the 14th century Argyll Website
Dun a'Bhuilg   Beautiful area, but nothing left of the castle Argyll Website
Dun a'Chaisteal   Fortress from the Iron Age, inhabited 400 BC. - 1000 AD. Argyll Website
Dun Beag   Broch (fortified tower) from the Iron Age; was inhabited until the 18th c. Highlands, Skye Website
Dun Sgathaich Castle   Same as Dun Sqathaigh Castle Highlands, Skye Our site
Dun Telve   Broch (fortified tower), probably 1st c. AD Highlands Website
Dun Toiseach   A ruin Argyll Website
Dun Troddan   Broch (fortified tower), probably 1st c. BC Highlands Website
Dunans Castle 19 Was a hotel, burned down in 2001 Argyll  
Dunbar Castle 12 East Lothian Website
Dunbeath Castle 17 Private property, still inhabited Highlands Website
Dundas Castle 19 Now a luxurious estate Bij Edinburgh Website
Dunderave Castle   An L-plan castle from the 16th century build as the seat of the MacNaughton clan. Argyll Website
Dundonald Castle 14 Before the present castle there had been build already 2 castles on this place which also had been destroyed. In prehistoric times there had been a fortress already. Ayrshire Website
Dunduff Castle 15 Was a ruin but has been reconstructed Ayrshire, bij Maybole  
Dunnideer Castle   Almost nothing left of the castle; here also, a fortress had stood here in prehistoric times Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Dunnottar Castle 13 The location is spectacular Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Dunollie Castle 12 A ruin Argyll, Oban Website
Dunoon Castle 12 Almost nothing left Argyll Website
Dunphail Castle 14 We couldn't find a website about this castle Highlands, Forres  
Dunrobin Castle 13 Big castle, well preserved Highlands Our site
Duns Castle 14 Now a hotel Scottish Border Website
Dunstaffnage Castle 13 In faitly good state Argyll Our site
Duntrune Castle 17 Argyll, bij Kilmartin  
Duntulm Castle 17 Build on an earlier broch Highlands, Skye Our site
Dunure Castle 15 Ayrshire, bij Maybole  
Dunvegan Castle 13 Home of the clan Macleod since 1270 Highlands, Skye Our site
Dunyvaig Castle 16 A ruin Highlands, Isle of Islay  
Dupplin Castle   Rebuild in the 20 c., now a hotel Perthshire  

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Earlshall Castle 16 Towerhouse Fife  
Eden Castle 16 A ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Edenshall Broch   Ruins of a broch Galloway Website
Edinample Castle 16 A beautiful small castle at Loch Earn Stirlingshire Our site
Edinburgh Castle   Edinburgh Our site
Edzell Castle 15 Oost Schotland, Forfar  
Eilean Donan Castle 13 Beautiful castle, especially by it's location Highlands Our site
Elcho Castle 16 Website
Erchless Castle 14 Towerhouse, now a hotel Highlands, Inverness-shire  
Esslemont Castle 14 A ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Ethie Castle 16 Angus Website

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Falkland Palace 16 The oldest tennis court of the world belongs to this palace Fife Website
Fasque Castle 19 Country house Grampians Website
Fast Castle 14 Also known as Castle Knowe. The oldest mention of the castle is from 1333 but perhaps the castle was already there before that time. It is now a ruin and stands on a small rock island. It is located 10 km north of Eyemouth and there is a 1.5 km hiking trail from Dowlaw Road. The Borders Website
Fenton Tower 12 Completely renovated and now a 5-star hotel East Lothian Website
Fernie Castle 14 Now a hotel Fife  
Ferniehirst Castle 16 Borders, Jedburgh  
Fincharn Castle   A ruin Argyll, Loch Awe Website
Findlater Castle 14 A ruin Grampians  
Floors Castle 18 Largest castle in Scotland which is still inhabited Scottish Borders, Kelso Website
Forbes Castle 19 Private Guest House Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Fordyce Castle 16 Highlands, Banffshire Website
Forglen House   The original castle, built around 1346, was replaced by a vernacular harled house that was later extended. Aberdeenshire Website
Foulis Castle 12 Easter Ross, Evanton Website
Fraser Castle 16 Well preserved castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Fulton Tower 16 A ruin Scottish Borders, Jedburgh Website
Fyvie Castle 15 Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site

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Gilbertfield Castle 16 Towerhouse, ruin South Lanarkshire  
Gilnockie Tower 16 Towerhouse Dumfries-shire Website
Girnigoe Castle 15 Near Sinclair Castle; it is not clear if there were 1 or 2 different castles Highlands Website
Glamis Castle 14 In the private ownership of the Earl of Strathmore Glamis, bij Dundee Website
Glenapp Castle 19 Now a hotel Ayrshire, Ballantrae Website
Glenbuchat Castle 16 Also called Glenbucket, ruins Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Glendevon Castle 18 Perthshire  
Glengarry Castle   Country house, now a hotel Highlands, Loch Oich Website
Glengorm Castle 19 Selfcatering, Bed and Breakfast Argyll, Mull  
Grant Castle 15 Grampians Our site
Greenan Castle 16 Towerhouse Ayrshire  
Guthrie Castle 15 Angus Website
Gylen Castle 16 A ruin Ayrshire, Isle of Kerrera  

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Haggs Castle 16 Probably there was an older castle here from the 13th century Bij Glasgow  
Hailes Castle 13 A ruin Lothians  
Hermitage Castle 13 Well known for its ghosts Scottish Borders  
Hume Castle 13 The castle was totally rebuild in the 16th century Scottish Borders Website
Hunterston 13 Ayrshire  
Hunting Tower Castle 17 Both towers were there before but it was only in the 17th century that they were connected and rebuild into a castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Huntly Castle 13 Also called Strathbogie Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site

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Innis Chonnel Castle 13 Closed to the public Argyll Website
Inveraray Castle 18 Recent castle, well preserved Argyll Our site
Castle of Invercauld 16 Now a luxurious hotel / guesthouse Braemar, Aberdeenshire  
Invergarry Castle 17 A ruin Highlands, Inverness-shire  
Inverlochy Castle 13 The newer castle is a hotel, the old one a ruin Highlands, Inverness-shire Our site
Invermark Castle 16 A ruin Angus, Glen Esk Website
Inverness Castle 19 Highlands, Inverness Our site

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Johnstone Castle   Chopin once stayed here Clyde Website

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Kames Castle 14 Self catering cottages present Highlands, Isle of Bute  
Keiss Castle 17 A ruin Highlands Website
Kelburn Castle 13 Now a hotel North Ayrshire / Clyde Website
Kellie Castle 14 Nice castle gardens Fife  
Castle Kennedy   Ruin, burned down in 1716; quite nice to see Galloway Website
Kilbirnie Place   Ayrshire  
Kilchurn Castle 17 A ruin, but quite nice Argyll Our site
Kilcoy Castle 14 MacKenzie castle Ross  
Kildonan Tower 14 A ruin Ayrshire, Arran Website
Kildrummy Castle 13 Must have been impressive once, now a ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Killochan 6 16th c. L-plan towerhouse Girvan, Ayrshire Website
Kilmartin Manor 16 Towerhouse Argyll Website
Kilmory Castle   Argyll  
Kilravock Castle 15 Now a large Bed & Breakfast Highlands, Inverness-shire Website
Kincardine Castle 12 Old ruin and a Victorian country house Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Kindrochit Castle 11 Former head quarters of the kings, now a ruin Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Kinfauns Castle 14 Now a hotel Perthshire, bij Perth  
Kingencleugh Castle 17 A ruin Ayrshire  
Kinloch Castle 19 Isle of Rum  
Kinlochaline Castle 14 Renovated, but closed to the public Morvern Website
Kinnaird Castle 15 Angus Website
Kinnaird Head Castle 15 Lighthouse and a museum Fraserburgh Website
Kirkconnell Tower 16 Dumfries Website
Kisimul Castle 12 Also called Barra Castle Isle of Barra Website
Knock Castle 15 Also called Caisteal Camus Highlands, Skye Our site
Knockamillie Castle 15 Only 1 wall still stands Argyll Website

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Lachlan Castle 13 Argyll Website
Lauriston Castle 16 Edinburgh Website
Law Castle 15 Towerhouse West Kilbride Website
Leith Hall 17 Amusing country house/castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire Our site
Castle Leod 17 House of the clan MacKenzie Strathpeffer  
Leslie Castle   Closed to the public Aberdeenshire, Leslie  
Lethendy Tower 16 Very luxurious guest house Pertshire  
Castle Levan 14 Bed & Breakfast Renfrewshire Website
Lews Castle 19 Fake Tudor castle Western Isles, Stornoway Website
Liberton Tower 15 Renovated Edinburgh  
Linlithgow Palace   Castle where Mary, Queen of Scots was born Our site
Lochdoon Castle 13 Due to the building of a dam, the castle has been relocated, stone by stone Ayrshire, Loch Doon  
Lochdore Castle 15 A ruin Bij Loch Leven  
Lochhouse Tower 16 A ruin Dumfriesshire, Moffat  
Lochindorb Castle 13 A ruin Highlands, bij Grantown-on-Spey Our site
Lochleven Castle 13 bij Kinross  
Lochmaben Castle 12 Dumfriesshire  
Lochnaw Castle 16 Galloway, bij Stranraer  
Lochranza Castle 14 Hunting lodge for the Scottish kings Ayrshire, Arran Website
Lochwood Tower or Castle 15 A ruin Dumfries-shire, Moffat  
Lordscairnie Castle 15 Towerhouse Fife Website
Loudoun Castle 15 Now a themepark Ayrshire, bij Kilmarnock  
Luffness Castle 13 Originally a Norman fortress, now a hotel East Lothian  

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MacLellan's Castle 16 Probabbly, the Towerhouse has never been finished Dumfries Website
Maol Caisteal 15 Also look above, Caisteal Maol Highlands, Isle of Skye Our site
Mauchline Castle 15 Ayrshire  
Maybole Castle 17 Ayrshire, bij Maybole Our site
Melville Castle 12 Melville Castle is a unique, family run hotel located 6 miles from Edinburgh city centre. Offering charming accommodation, an atmospheric restaurant, enchanting weddings and quality corporate events. Edinburgh Website
Menzies Castle 16 Pertshire, Aberfeldy Aberfeldy Our site
Merchiston Castle 15 Now part of a school Bij Edinburgh Website
Castle of Mey 16 Open 1 day a year Highlands, bij Caithness Our site
Midhope Castle 16 West Lothian  
Mingary Castle 14 Highlands, Ardnamurchan Our site
Moniack Castle 17 They make wine here, out of everything except graves! Highlands, Beaully Our site
Morton Castle 15 Ruin, traces of an earlier castle Dumfries  
Moy Castle 15 Argyll, Mull Website
Muchalls Castle 17 Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Mugdock Castle 14 Situated in the Mugdock Country Park Greater Glasgow  
Myres Castle 16 Now a hotel Fife  

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Neidpath Castle 14 Scottish Borders  
Newark Castle 12 Also called Castle of St Monance  
Newark Castle 15 Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, PA14 5NH, open to public Port Glasgow Website
Newark Castle   Newark, AYR, Ayrshire, KA7 4ED, private property and closed to the public Ayrshire  
Newbattle Castle 16 Near Dalkeith Website
Newmilns Tower 16 Ayrshire  

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Orchardton Tower 15 Dumfries Website
Ormacleit Castle 18 Closed to the public Isle of South Uist  

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Park Castle   Galloway, bij Stranraer  
Castle of Park 16 Now a hotel Highlands, Banff  
Peel Ring of Lumphanan 12 Almost nothing left Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Penkill Castle 15 Ayrshire, bij Girvan  
Pitfichie Castle 16 Now a self-catering hotel Grampians, Aberdeenshire  
Pitreavie Castle 17 Headquarters of the navy for a long time in de 20th century Fife, bij Dunfermline  
Pitsligo Castle 15 A ruin Bij Fraserburgh  
Plane Tower 15 Also called Cock-a-Bendy Castle or Plean Castle Argyll, bij Stirling  
Portencross Castle 15 Once a resting place for Robert the Bruce Ayrshire Website

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Rait Castle 13 A ruin Highlands, Inverness-shire Website
Ravenscraig Castle 15 Fife Website
Ravenstone Castle 16 There are plans to restaurate it... Galloway, bij Wigtown  
Red Castle 13 A ruin Bij Montrose  
Rosyth Castle 13 Fife, bij Dunfermline  
Rothes Castle 13 Highlands, bij Elgin Website
Rothesay Castle 12 Argyll, Butte  
Rowallan Castle 16 Ayrshire, bij Kilmarnock  
Roxburgh Castle 12 Scottish Borders, Kelso Website
Roy Castle 13 Castle Roy, also called Redcastle, is not much more than a ruin Our site
Rumgally House 14 Now a hotel Fife, bij St. Andrews  
Ruthven Barracks 14 Nothing is left of the original castle Our site

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Saddell Castle 16 Self-catering hotel East Kintyre  
Saltcoats Castle 16 A ruin Lothians Website
Sanquhar Castle 13 A ruin Dumfries  
Scotstarvit Tower 15 Towerhouse Fife Website
Sinclair Castle 15 Next to Girnicoe Castle Highlands Website
Skelbo Castle 14 A ruin Highlands Website
Skibo Castle 12 Madonna married her in 2000 Highlands, Inverness-shire Website
Skipness Castle 13 Fortress against the Vikings Argyll Website
Slains Castle 16 The place wehere Bram Stoker devised the story of Dracula; nearby is an older castle Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Smailholm Tower 16 Scottish Borders, Kelso Website
Sorbie Tower 17 Galloway  
Sorn Castle 14 Ayrshire, bij Mauchline  
Spynie Palace 13 The castle was build as a palce for a bishop; the accompanying cathedral has vanished Grampian Website
St. Andrews Castle 12 A ruin Fife, St. Andrews Website
Stalker Castle 16 The castle has been renovated Argyll Our site
Stirling Castle 12 This castle played an important role in Scottish history and in the struggle against the English Argyll, Stirling Our site
Strathaven Castle 14 Also called Avondale Castle Clyde Website
Strome Castle 15 A ruin Highlands, Loch Carron Our site
Stuart Castle 17 Now a hotel and Bed & Breakfast Highlands, Inverness-shire Our site
Sundrum Castle 14 Now a hotel Ayrshire, Arran Website
Sween Castle 12 Argyll, Kintyre Website

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Tantallon Castle 14 Lothians  
Tarbert Castle 13 Here (they say) the Vikings (Magnus Barefoot) landed Argyll,Tarbert  
Taymouth Castle 19 Victorian castle, build next to the 16th century Balloch Castle Kenmore, Perthshire Our site
Terringzean Castle 15 A ruin Ayrshire, bij Cumnock  
Thirlestane Castle 16 In the 13th century the first fortress was build here Scottish Borders  
Thomaston Castle 13 Towerhouse Ayrshire, bij Maybole  
Threave Castle 14 An earlier castle was destroyed by Robert the Bruce in 1308 Galloway  
Thurso Castle 17 Castle ruin in the Highlands Highlands Our site
Tioram Castle 13 Beautiful ruin on a cliff Highlands, Inverness-shire Our site
Tolquhoun Castle 15 The greater part has been build in later times Grampians, Aberdeenshire Website
Torosay Castle 19 Victorian country house Argyll, Isle of Mull  
Torrisdale Castle 19 Selfcatering cottages present Argyll, Mull of Kintyre  
Toward Castle 15 A ruin Argyll Website
Traquair House 12 Famous by the many visits of the royal family bij Peebles Website
Tullibole Castle 17 This small castle is still inhabited Pertshire  
Tulloch Castle 12 Now a hotel Highlands, bij Dingwall  
Turnberry Castle 12 Nothing left, only a lighthouse is standing there now Ayrshire Website

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Urquhart Castle 13 A very nice ruin on a beautiful spot; probably there were fortresses here since 2.000 BC. Highlands, Loch Ness Our site

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Venlaw Castle 18 Large country house bij Peebles Website

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Wedderburn Castle 14 East Lothian Website
(Old) Wick Castle 12 Ruin, one of the oldest fortresses whne the Normans ruled this area from the Orkney islands Highlands bij Wick Website

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