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Information about Senegal

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Information about Senegal

Facts about Senegal

The (national) flag
Official name République du Sénégal or Sounougal in the Wolof language
Surface 196.722 km² of which 2% water
Inhabitants 14.3 million inhabitants
Population density 73 people per km²
Capital Dakar
Currency CFA Franc, of XOF (West African Franc): € 1 = XOF 655; 100 XOF = € 0,15
Road network Senegal has an extensive road network and it is in fairly good shape
Fuel prices We couldn't find a good website where the prices of fuel in Senegal are kept up-to-date except this overview of all countries.
Code licence plate SN
Telephone countrycode 221
Internet countrycode .sn
Time difference GMT+0 and they don't have summertime. Therefore 1 hour earlier in the winter and 2 hours earlier in the summer compared to the Netherlands.

Geographic data

Senegal is situated in West-Africa and borders in the west to the Atlantic Ocean, in the east to Mali, in the south to Guinee and Guinee-Bissau, and in the north to Mauritania. Within its borders lies The Gambia. The Cape Verdian islands, about 500 km from the coast, also belong to Senegal. Senegal is sloghly more than 5 times as big as the Netherlands with 196.722 km2.
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PopulationNaar boven

The population of Senegal is growing fast. The division between age groups is very irregular. More than 40% of the population is younger than 15 year (in the Netherlands that is about 18%). Only 3% of the population is younger than 65. The avergade life expectancy is about 61 year.
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LanguagesNaar boven

Although French is spoken by only about 15% of the poulation it is the official language of Senegal.
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HistoryNaar boven

Nomads were the first people in West-Afrika. They lived there for thousands of years and and hunted, fishes and had a primitive form of agriculture. All over Senegal you can find megalithic stone circles form the 7th and 8th century. Historians still don't know exactly who these people were and where they came from but they suspect somewhere from Egypt and Sudan.
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ClimateNaar boven

Senegal has a tropical climate with pleasant heat throughout the year with well-defined dry and humid seasons that result from northeast winter winds and southwest summer winds.
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Flora and faunaNaar boven

The Sahara desert cuts through the north and east of Senegal. Because of the growth of the desert flora and fauna have undergone major changes in the course of time.
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The actual weather

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