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The trip to Barcelona and a long walk

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Saturday 24 November, the trip to Barcelona and a long walk

On Saturday November 24 we take off again: first by car to Almere where we park our car near a train station and from there by train to Schiphol. This way we save a lot of time and money and avoid the possible traffic jams around Amsterdam.
Leaving Holland The Spanish coastThanks to Easyjet we can fly very cheap to Barcelona. At first we didn't know if such a cheap airlines could be reliable, but the system is perfect. One only pays for the ride, when you want a drink or something else you pay extra. The staff is not only very friendly, but also has a lot of humor. A pity they don't fly to more destinations from Holland.
On the RamblasAt 3 o'clock we arrive in a sun-drenched Barcelona and we quickly go onto the street, after having checked in into the hotel, Hostal del Mar. Our hotel is near the old harbour (Port Vell), less than a kilometer away from the Ramblas. At this time it is still quiet on the streets. First we take a stroll over the Ramblas. In fact there are 5 Rambla's and 2 squares which together make up 'the' Ramblas.
Nice temperature In the harbourThe Ramblas end on one side in the harbour where we can do a bit of sunbathing. The temperature is a nice 18, 19 degrees Celsius. We are always glad when er leave Holland and are able to take our coats off.
Searching for palmtree seedsIn the park along the harbour, Elisabeth continues her new hobby: collecting seeds from palm trees. At home we already have quite a collection with trees from different countries and they are doing well. We could start an exotic nursery garden.
View on Montjuic Monument a ColomTo the left the view from the harbour on Montjuic, to the right the Monument a Colom, erected in occasion of the world exhibition of 1888, but especially as a mark of honor to Columbus, who is standing on top of this 60 meters high pedestal.
Masses on the RamblasOur walk take sus via the Rambla del Mar, a pretentious promenade with luxurious shopping centers, through the old city back to the famous Ramblas, the heart of the modern city. It is a saturday night, around eight and it is hard to get on because of the thousands of people on the street. Everywhere in town people are preparing for Christmas and many buildings are decorated.
La Boqueria Finally some restNear the Ramblas is a roofed over marketplace, La Boqueria. It is like an arabic souk where mainly fresh things can be bought, like vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.
With sore feet from this long walk we are back at the hotel around 10. And we still have a lot to walk through this marvellous city...


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