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More Gaudi and a visit to the Ramblas

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Monday 26 November, more Gaudi and a visit to the Ramblas

Building in Barcelona Building in BarcelonaAlthough we want to visit a few other Gaudi-buildings, there are more interesting houses in Barcelona. This city has a lot of architectonic surprises, combined with a vivid culture which seems to rejuvenate the city again and again.
Finca GüellCasa Calvet is located near a metro station, but to see Finca GŁell, where Gaudi build the pavilions between 1884 and 1887, we have to walk a long distance. Unfortunately, the park is closed so we can't have a closer look.
Next we start searching for the Colegio Teresiano, also designed and build by Gaudi. After walking and searching for kilometers, asking people, we find out that it is situated on a totally different place than our map shows.
Hanging gardens Hanging gardensOn this long walk we also saw this large office building, an imitation of the pending gardens of Babylon.
Taking a break Taking a breakAfter walking for more than 3 hours our feet surely need a rest, so we halt at the first restaurant we see and there aren't many in this part of town. We still feel the climb onto the Sagrada in our legs.
Colegio TeresianoEventually we arrive at the College of the Teresians. The building is very large, but quite sober from the ouitside. It is a religious convent-school and Gaudi had to closely follow the instructions. Therefore, it doesn't look so eccentric as some of his other creations but the interior must be splendid.
Templo del TibidaboTemplo del Tibidabo, north west of Barcelona can be seen from many places. It looks like a palace or cathedral, but in reality it is some sort of amusement park.
Bagpiper on the RamblasAfter this long walk we are glad when we are back in the town centre where one never has to walk far to find a metro station. But for one moment we think we are at the wrong place when we hear a bagpiper at the Placa Catalunya.
Living statue, Ramblas Living statue, RamblasThe Ramblas is busy as always, with other living statues than yesterday. Although one can find these living statues in every major European city nowadays, Barcelona seems to be the city where they originally come from.
Living statue, RamblasPersonally, we like the 'real' living statues, tinted as stone, the best but there are also many colourful people who only move when someone throws some money at their feet. The statues that can't stand still too long try to make a show out of it, but we don't find them as impressive.
A nice pint A huge cup of coffeeAnd then we are really thirsty! But a 2-litre pint is a bit too much... The cup of coffee has also quite a large size. That will take us quite some time to finish.
TapasBut the food is perfect! Although those baby octopuses are quite tough with all those tentacles. We decide we have walked more than enough today and stay on this place on the Ramblas and we sit there for hours watching all the artists and people passing by.
Placa del Pi Placa del PiAfter a short rest we spend the evening wandering through the old centre again, enjoying all the attractive and vivid narrow streets and squares, like Placa del Pi for example.
Our new hotelroomWe are very tired, our feet worn-out, but very satisfied about this day when we return to our hotel, late at night. We get our second room, by the way, for the first one had a heater which could not be turned off and had no fresh air, so it felt as sleeping in the Sahara at daytime.


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