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We have to leave Barcelona too soon

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Wednesday 28 November, we have to leave Barcelona too soon

Time to leave again... We get up early to have breakfast and coffee in town. But time goes quickly and soon we have to take the bus from Placa Catalunya to the airport. This way we can make a last trip through the city and it is much cheaper than the taxi we have taken on our way here: 1.050 Pta for two one-way tickets by bus and 4.000 Pta including luggage by taxi
Barcelona airport Barcelona airportFrom the first floor we have a nice view on the palmtrees before the airport. Like in the town, the airport is decorated already for Christmas.
Elisabeth at Barcelona airport Teije at Barcelona airportSitting in the sun, enjoying our last moments in Barcelona. We are glad we have made this trip, although it has been too short. This is a place we sure want to return to, another day, provided we have enough days left and no other travel plans.
Barcelona BarcelonaThis time we are sitting on the right side of the plane and are able to make some pictures of Barcelona and the Mediterranean. The sky is clear and the view is great.
Diagonal, BarcelonaClearly visible is the Diagonal, a broad avenue going right through Barcelona. We have walked quite some distance on it.
2 hours later we are standing at Schiphol, waiting for a train which doesn't show up. When on holiday we don't mind waiting sometimes, but back in the 'efficient' Netherlands, this cold, chilly, wet, flat and boring country, we only want to be home near the heater.
And with a big surprise for Elisabeth: on our website she sees that Teije has arranged another trip with Christmas, to London. First she thinks it is a mistake, but alas... we are going to sepnd Christmas in London.
De oplettende lezer zal vast iets gemist hebben, nl. het voetbal-/olympisch stadion in Barcelona. Het stadion hebben we afgelopen zomer al even gezien, maar aangezien wij totaal niets met voetbal hebben, staat FC niet op de site!

Barcelona has much more to offer than the things we have written and shown here. We have been there only for a few days and have been looking mostly at buildings designed by Gaudi and walked through the old city. Seny (common sense) and rauxa (madess): Barcelona has both and all that's in between.


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