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Spain and Portugal: travelogue summer 2001

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Spain and Portugal: travelogue summer 2001

A friend of ours lives in Albufeira in Portugal and that seems like a good reason to make the long trip to Spain and Portugal because we have a full month of vacation. Via Belgium, France and Andorra we arrive at Barcelona where we stay for a while because we find it a fascinating city and will go there more often later. Via Cordoba and Gibraltar we arrive after a week in Portugal where it is hot and we are happy with the beach nearby. And Elisabeth is suffering from a heat stroke for the first (and last) time in her life.


Via the Archeodrome and Andorra naar Barcelona
Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell
Barcelona, the old city of Barcelona, the Ramblas
Walking through hot Cordoba
Cordoba - Gibraltar - Tarifa, a visit to the rock of Gibraltar


Tarifa - Albufeira, at last we arrive in Portugal
Lagos and Portimão, Sagres, along the Algarve
Cruise, a trip by catamaran along the coast of the Algarve
Lisbon, excursion through the city
Via Fatima and Tomar to Praia da Mira, it gets cold
Viseu, Serra da Estrella, a beautiful trip
Coimbra and Conimbriga, a visit to a city and an impressive Roman site

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