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Spain and Portugal: travelogue summer 2001

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Spain and Portugal: travelogue summer 2001

We have a whole month for our holiday and we travel by car through Spain and Portugal. Since we only drove through Belgium, France, Andorra and Gibraltar, we did not mention these countries separately.
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Groningen - Beaune, to the centre of France
Beaune - southern France, with a visit to the Archedrome
Via Andorra to Barcelona, a beautiful trip through the Pyrenees
Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia and Parc G
Barcelona, the old city of Barcelona, the Ramblas
Barcelona - Cordoba, a long drive through Spain
Walking through hot Cordoba
Cordoba - Gibraltar - Tarifa, a visit to the rock of Gibraltar


Tarifa - Albufeira, at last we arrive in Portugal
Albufeira, exploring the neighbourhood
Albufeira, a day at the beach we will never forget
Through the Monchique mountains, a painful drive
Albufeira, a quiet day
Lagos and Portimão, walking in the heat
Albufeira, another quiet day (without pictures)
Albufeira - Sagres, a trip by car along the coast of the Algarve
Cruise, a trip by catamaran along the coast of the Algarve
A last quiet day at Albufeira
Albufeira - Lisbon, we leave the Algarve
Lisbon, excursion through the city
Lisbon, on our own through Lissabon
Lisbon - Praia da Mira, via Fatima and Tomar to the north
Praia da Mira, the weather is becoming nasty...
Praia da Mira - Casfreires, to a Dutch campsite in the interior of Portugal
Viseu, Serra da Estrella, a beautiful trip
Satão, exploring the neighbourhood
Coimbra and Conimbriga, a visit to a city and an impressive Roman site
Casfreires, a last quiet day
From Casfreires through Spain to southern France
To Rethel, northern France
Rethel - Groningen, the journey back home

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