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Via the Archeodrome and Andorra naar Barcelona

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Sunday 10 June, via the Archeodrome and Andorra naar Barcelona

A note before you start reading: we didn't write this account until the end of 2001, when we started this website. We regret it that we haven't made more pictures and therefore the stories are short, but you will have to live with it, as we have to...
But since we started the website we bought better cameras and made much more pictures.
The first day of a long holiday. At last we can take off for a few weeks at a time, with the new camera Elisabeth got from her father...
A break at the campsite Elisabeth is relieved to have her camera back!Or did I leave it at home, you can see her thinking at the end of the day. When we have set up the tent we search the car three times but with no result. Elisabeth almost wants to go back home (800 km) to get it, or at least to buy another one.
After a short rest she starts again unpacking the whole car, looking for something else, and quite accidently, after searching for more than one hour, she finds the camera under a chair. What a relieve!
Today everything goes well, except for this camera-incident. From Groningen (in the north of Holland) we travel southwards and within 6 hours we enter France. We avoid the toll roads and arrive near the Archeodrome, in the direction of Lyon. We find the motel there a bit too expensive and drive back to Beaunne where we put up our tent.
This summer we want to visit Portugal, but Teije also wants to see Andorra (he tried to get there already three times, with an older car and never made it) and while we are in the right direction, we also want to visit Barcelona, to have at least a look at the pieces of art made by Gaudi. And so this holiday becomes a long trip via Andorra, Barcelona, Gibraltar to Portugal.

Monday 11 June 2001, Beaune - southern France, with a visit to the Archedrome

Archeodrome, France Archeodrome, FranceLast night we looked for some time for a cheap hotel or nice campsite, and we ended up in Beaune in the Bourgogne. We had passed by the Archeodrome and decide this will be our first stop today. Soon we have packed our stuff and arrive at the Archeodrome at 9.
But it opens at 10 and not at 9 as the sign says, so we have to wait for an hour. The Archeodrome is an archeological park, a kind of open-air museum with information about the regional history.
It is very interesting (at least for us), with buildings from several periods in time and a lot of information about the people who used to live in this area. But after walking around for two hours we really have to be on our way towards Spain again.
Mediterranean, FranceWe are not really in a hurry and we don't use the toll roads on the way to the south. It takes us longer, but because of that we see a lot of beautiful sceneries. To the right a picture of the Mediterranean coast, north of Perpignan.
This way we also avoid traffic jams. At Perpignan we head west, so we are close to Andorra were we want to go tomorrow. We arrive at a campsite next to a railroad, but it is only for one night.

Tuesday 12 June 2001, via Andorra to Barcelona, a beautiful trip through the Pyrenees

French Pyrenees French PyreneesFor years, Teije tries to reach Andorra, but everytime failed for some reason: a car which gave too much trouble (at least 3 times), or suddenly he ran out of time, etcetera. Reason enough to pass through it this time, on our way to Portugal.
In France we enter the Pyrenees and for the first time this holiday we are surrounded by mountains. We love mountain landscapes, so we are very happy.
At last, Teije has reached Andorra after so many years of trying. The landscape is beautiful and we walk around for a few hours. And of course we have to do some shopping and we get lost in the luxurious capital, Andorra la Velha. A few hours is great to enjoy this beautiful country.
Andorra AndorraAndorra is a small country in the middle of the Pyrenees. There are only a few roads and we drive all of them. Mountains, mountains and more mountains. We love it!
We only spend a short time here, but it is really worthwhile. At least, when you like mountain sceneries. The capital clearly shows the wealth of the country and is a very luxurious place.
After a thorough inspection at the Spanish border (the customs don't find the cigarettes we have bought, nor the liquors), we stop at the first bar we see to test the Spanish coffee and beer. We like them both. Well, Elisabeth her coffee, although Teije doesn't like the coffee as she drinks it: too strong. He sticks to a mild beer, which Elisabeth doesn't drink.
At the end of the day we arrive at Barcelona. We think we know exactly where to go for a campsite (13 kilometers south of the city) but we get lost in all the traffic and the different highways going in and out of Barcelona.
Mediterranean at BarcelonaBut after asking a few people (they are all very polite but only speak Spanish and we don't), we end up one campsite further than we have planned. Not so bad, we think. The campsites are all on the highway and you pass them by very easily.
We find a place near the beach and end the day reading books about Barcelona, and of course visit a bar. But it is still a bit too chilly to sit outside, or is it the weariness? It has been a long journey and we are glad we will stay here for a couple of days.


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