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Beaune - southern France, with a visit to the Archedrome

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Spain, summer 2001, Beaune - southern France, with a visit to the Archedrome

Last night we looked for some time for a cheap hotel or nice campsite, and we ended up in Beaune in the Bourgogne. We had passed by the Archeodrome and decide this will be our first stop today. Soon we have packed our stuff and arrive at the Archeodrome at 9.
Archeodrome, France Archeodrome, FranceBut it opens at 10 and not at 9 as the sign says, so we have to wait for an hour. The Archeodrome is an archeological park, a kind of open-air museum with information about the regional history.
It is very interesting (at least for us), with buildings from several periods in time and a lot of information about the people who used to live in this area. But after walking around for two hours we really have to be on our way towards Spain again.
Mediterranean, FranceWe are not really in a hurry and we don't use the toll roads on the way to the south. It takes us longer, but because of that we see a lot of beautiful sceneries. To the right a picture of the Mediterranean coast, north of Perpignan.
This way we also avoid traffic jams. At Perpignan we head west, so we are close to Andorra were we want to go tomorrow. We arrive at a campsite next to a railroad, but it is only for one night.


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