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It is raining in Barcelona

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Friday 19 September, it is raining in Barcelona

We have been looking forward to this trip to Barcelona for a long time. In February we arranged it so that we at least missed the new flight tax that has been introduced here. For € 205 (including all taxes and costs) we have booked two return tickets at Clickair. The search for shelter was already more difficult, we know about many hotels in the center that they are very small and/or noisy and we actually found nothing acceptable under € 120 per night except a few places where we absolutely did not want to stayt. Eventually we found a 6-person apartment for € 685 (7 nights). Now we only hope for good weather, preferably a little warm, because this year we have not had much luck with the weather on holidays, lots of cold and lots of rain.
Elisabeth at Schiphol airport Teije at Schiphol airportAs usual (it is a long time ago that we flew!) we park the car in Almere and then take the train to Schiphol. Elisabeth is now smoking an electronic cigarette but it feels uncomfortable for her to use it in public, just as if she smokes secretly. Only water vapor comes out but of course it looks like a cigarette. The plane leaves after 9 o'clock in the evening, that is a disadvantage of this flight, because we arrive in Barcelona only at midnight and such a departure day seems a bit of a lost day.
In the plane we think of what we have forgotten this time, but we can not think of anything at all. This time we really have not forgotten anything. The previous time (2004) we had no laptop charger with us so we could not see if the photos were successful and save them. I'm surprised that the geotagger does not beep, so high in the air on the plane. The geotagger is a device that we used in Scotland this year for the first time, so we can view our route in GoogleEarth and know exactly where we made which pictures. As soon as we landed, I want to check out the device, and then I suddenly realize that it is still in the back seat of the car in Almere. It is a pity, I would have liked to have followed our walks through Barcelona, but fortunately we did not forget the really important things and our bags quickly appear.
There is one big problem: it is raining!!! We did not expect that. It is warm, more than 25 degrees, but also very stuffy and we have one case that we have to carry because we only have one suitcase on wheels. Soon we are sweating in the rain, even before we get on the Aerobus that takes us to the center. And when we get off at Placa Catalunya around 1 o'clock, it is a great rush, while we have to climb stairs and stairs through the metro stations with our bags that feel increasingly heavier. At Placa Reial we do not get through the crowd on the shortest route to the apartment that is right behind it. Then a detour, but it gets longer and we almost get lost. It is after half past 1 when we have finally find our apartment, but then it is dry again.
Casa Arte, our apartment in Barcelona And what a place, just fantastic. A spacious apartment with all the luxury you want and that in the middle of the old town Barrio Gótico. And more importantly: virtually sound proof; even with the windows open, we only hear vague noise in the distance while we know there is a lot of noise on the streets. It is still stuffy and warm but we know that the predictions (unfortunately) announce cooler weather for the coming days.
Casa Arte, our apartment in Barcelona Casa Arte, our apartment in Barcelona Now that we can put the bags away and view the apartment, we are completely excited about our stay here. We never had such a (relatively) cheap and spacious accommodation in the middle of Barcelona. Next time no hotel anymore but we arrange another apartment like this. It is owned by Dutch people and arranged through a Dutch intermediary. We can certainly recommend it to anyone, see this website! We are in Casa Arte, full of colorful paintings made by the owners.
We take a look at the roof terrace and I stay there until half past 3 to relax, in t-shirt. We are curious how the view looks tomorrow from here, now we only see a lot of roofs, a few hills (Montjuic and Tibidabo) in the distance and hear the noise from the party on the streets. Sleep is actually something you should not need in Barcelona, there is always something to do, but we are tired after a more exhausting journey than we expected. Now off to our luxurious bed.


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