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A rainy day in Barcelona

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Monday 22 September, a rainy day in Barcelona

The sky is gray and it is fresh when we step outside and order a cup of coffee at Placa Reial, this time at again another terrace (we have tried about five of them in the past few days).
Casa Battlo Casa Mila, also called La PedreraThen we walk a bit, again through the old town, to Placa Catalunya and then through the Passeig de Gracia. Along the way we pass Casa Battlo, a beautiful building designed by Gaudi, but our goal is Casa Mila, which was also designed by Gaudi. There is a long line and while we stand at the back of the line it starts to rain. When it rains the roof terrace is closed, but we hear that our ticket is valid for 5 days so first we run to the nearest metro station and will come back another time.
The Rambla in the rain Hiding from the rainWe get off at the end of the Ramblas and we see the boulevard deserted for the first time. Soaked we arrive at a restaurant where we sit outside under the umbrellas, hoping that the rain will stop soon. But after 3 hours of looking at umbrella salesmen who suddenly pop up from nowhere, we have had enough of it. The umbrellas are sold for 5 euros, but soon we see that they only hold out for a short while and then start tearing. It is a golden trade this way...
Since it does not get drier and in the meantime we are starting to get cold on the terrace, we run to our apartment because we are better off there than outside. Our alternative plan was to go to the old harbor and then visit something like the aquarium, but then we have to go all the way through the now pouring rain. It is 7 o'clock when it becomes dry and we make the walk through the old port, Port Vell.
Footbridge in the harbour Walking through Port VellThe old port is now mainly for pleasure craft; the real port is near Montjuic and for the Olympic Games in 1992, an Olympic port was built. On the boulevard are rows of palm trees and this time I am looking for palm tree seeds but they are not there yet. Or the municipal cleansing department has cleaned everything up neatly.
Wagons with 'Barcelona Neta' printed on the side drive around everywhere you look and at all times of the day. Nowhere have we seen a city being kept as clean as Barcelona. At our apartment we can put our garbage 4 times a week on the street and a few hours later everything is cleaned up. Squares are being swept all day long and after a wild party you soon see no traces left on the street. Littering gets very little time to litter here! It seems that this is one of the positive changes in the city due to the arrival of the Olympic Games in 1992 and the increase in the number of tourists. Many other cities can take an example by this.
Footbridge in the harbour On the Rambla del MarOver the Rambla del Mar, a series of artful bridges with arches around it, we walk to the shopping area on the pier. Here is a luxury shopping center, the aquarium and an Imax 3D theater. We would have wanted to visit this afternoon, but well, then it was a bit too wet to go out.
Statue in the old harbour Theatreship in Port VellSo we just make a long walk and can always visit the aquarium and theater for the next time that the weather is bad. Today feels like a lost day, because Barcelona is a city where you have to be outside, I think,
Barcelona in the duskWhen dusk arrives around 8 o'clock we walk back to the city center again. It is dry and the temperature goes up a little, so we are trying to catch up on what we missed out on today.
Exhibitions of the giants of Barcelona Exhibitions of the giants of BarcelonaOn the south side of the Ramblas we enter a building (we no longer know exactly which building) where the giants of Bacelona are located which are taken along in the giant procession. These are all symbols that play a role in the history of the city. But we do not get much time to watch because the guards are closing up while we walk around.
Thirsty? Artist on the RamblasWe end the evening at a terrace on the Ramblas. Teije orders a 'large' beer and in the end it takes almost one and a half hour to finish it. Even empty, the glass is still quite heavy. Well, 9.5 euros for 1.5 hour on a terrace is still reasonable, isn't it...? In the meantime, we can enjoy an artist who tries to make up for the wet day and is busy for more than an hour with the preparations for his act, a moving tree gnome. It is only unfortunate that we are (again) surrounded by loud Dutch people on the terrace, those foreigners are really everywhere!
We pick up a snack from the street to take home and put the trash outside. It has been a rainy day but fortunately we have a few days to go. In retrospect, as we write this report, it was not so bad, but at the moment it feels a bit like a lost day. Tomorrow better!


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