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Visiting the Barcelona aquarium and the Imax theater

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Tuesday 23 September, visiting the Barcelona aquarium and the Imax theater

Glass elevator in our building Hall of our buildingToday it is somewhat drier than yesterday, but it is already becoming a chilly and gray day. That is why we are going to run our 'bad weather' program today. But first with our fantastic glass elevator down in the apartment complex where we feel perfectly at ease, better than ever in a hotel here. Did we already make some advertising? Barnatravel is really fantastic for a stay in this city and then you also have a Dutch/English/Spanish speaking contact. A nice and spacious apartment where you can go at any moment and without the noise pollution of the city, something which we have never experienced before in Barcelona.
Port Vell, view on MontjuicOf course we first look for a terrace for our daily morning coffee (a bit too strong this time) but then we walk quickly to the old port, an area that is now beautiful but used to be rather neglected like so many districts of Barcelona. Especially the Olympic games seem to have brought about a big change as the city then wanted to present itself from its best side.
The aquarium, Barcelona The aquarium, BarcelonaWe first go to the aqaurium that we visited last time, but that is nice enough to visit once more. It can take up to a few hours if you want to see everything. The most spectacular part is the large basin with many fish species, including sharks, where you go along on a conveyor belt, and it feel like you are actually in the middle of the water. You can step off if you want to make beautiful underwater photos.
Cleaning the aquarium, Barcelona Rays in the aquariumA bunch of divers are cleaning the edges of the basin while the sharks are swimming past. It seems that you can also book diving trips where you can swim between the sharks in this basin where 4 million liters of water is in. Only € 300 per person! We just stay on the dry side of the glass, which is impressive enough.
After the aquarium we go to the Imax 3D theater to see a documentary about dinosaurs. I have seen 3D films in America before, but Elisabeth hasn't been to one yet and she is completely surprised by the realistic effect. Especially the fact you think you can touch the animals that seem only a few centimeters away, and then those grains of sand that are thrown in our direction by fossil seekers, you automatically close your eyes. That's how we spent a good hour and Elisabeth is so enthusiastic that we decide to go to another movie again if it rains or gets too cold again.
School, Carrer de AvinyoIn our apartment we eat some food from the street, a pizza from an organic restaurant where they do not actually have a takeaway. But I get the pizza on a plate when I say we are staying only 20 meters away and promise to bring it back within half an hour. No problem. At the beginning of the evening we make another long walk through the old town, Barrio Gotico. Apart from narrow streets and small squares, there are also many old buildings and Roman remains to be seen. And many shops, bars and eateries.
Geese in the cathedral van BarcelonaAnd of course we visit the cloister garden of the cathedral where we count the geese. Yes, there are still 13, just as it should be. Santa Eulàlia, the saint after whom the cathedral was named, was, according to legend, murdered at the age of 13 as a martyr in 304. Relics of her should be in a crypt and the geese are there to protect her (well, a bit late, we think) and Barcelona (of which Santa Eulàlia is now a patroness). As soon as one of geese dies, a new goose immediately arrives, which must of course be white. Superstition or tradition, it does not matter, it gives a nice story to this oasis of peace in the old town.
Teije needs glasses to readThen we go to Placa Reial to attend the concerts from a terrace. We are now back at our familiar terrace where a friendly waiter makes room in the crowds. A few years ago we have experienced beautiful concerts here, tonight it is a lot less fun or at least not our taste in music. Fortunately, I also have a book with me but nowadays I really need reading glasses. So all the time I have to put them off to look around for what happens in the square and then put them on again to read a few lines!
But even though we do not think the music is great, the atmosphere is good and we stay until half past twelve. From time to time it starts to drizzle, but it always stops after a short time. But we have become cold, that is the biggest disadvantage of our favorite spot here, the cervezeria on the southwest corner of the square (we always forget the name of the reastaurant): in one way or another it always seems windy but it offers the best quality for food, drinks and service. Fortunately, it is warm in our apartment.


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