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No cable car? Then to the labyrinth

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Thursday 25 September, no cable car? Then to the labyrinth

The old harbour of Barcelona The old harbour of BarcelonaFor a change the weather is very nice this morning and soon we go out to the street, walking to the harbor. We want to glide over the harbor with the cable car (the Transbordador Aeri Del Port, from the harbor to Montjuïc) and see the view over the city. Elisabeth finds it a bit scary, but she is also curious. But first we walk past the many stalls on the quay of Barceloneta, the neighborhood next to the old harbor area and drink a cup of coffee in the warm sun.
Elisabeth on the beach of Barceloneta The beach of BarcelonetaAnd of course to lie on the beach ... Honestly we have never been here on the beach during our visits, the city always had more to offer. And even now it is just too cold for us to take off our sweaters. Then on to the cable car where there is a long line ahead of us. And that line does not get shorter, although some people walk away. I walk forward to the ticket office where a notice in the window says that the cable car is unexpectedly closed for maintenance and that they have no idea when they open again.
Market in BarcelonetaElisabeth doesn't mind at all that this adventure has to wait until a next visit and so we satrt to explore Barceloneta. For example, we visit the covered market, the Mercat Barceloneta. It seems that there are more than 40 of these types of covered markets in Barcelona. And this is only the second, after the most famous La Boqueria next to the Rambla, which we visit. So, there is still enough to do for a next visit. It's already 25 degrees we see somewhere, delicious! Barcelona is really a city where you have to be outside, we think, except of course for the museums and attractions.
Palace in the Horta Labyrinth Park Horta Labyrinth ParkOnce out of Barceloneta we take the metro to a fairly distant destination, the labyrinth that is also on our list. We are more than half an hour on the way to Mundet metro station and have to walk a bit further to this rather unknown place of the city. The Horta Labyrinth Park is the oldest park in Barcelona (late 18th century, neoclassical) and a place that we can recommend to anyone who loves quietness. The entrance fee is just over 2 euros and the area is almost 9 hectares big and built up in layers.
Reliëf, Horta Labyrinth Park Elisabeth in the labyrinthThere is a palace, a medieval defense tower, temple-like structures, beautiful reliefs, landscaped gardens and of course a real maze in the middle. A classic maze that you can understand after a while, but it's a bit of a puzzle before we discover the center. A wonderful place for children who love mazes, but also for us. In the center there is a beautiful statue of Eros.
The labyrinth View from the labyrinthFrom the maze you can climb even higher through the beautiful and peaceful gardens and there are places everywhere where you can sit. And there are toilets, also very important of course! For us this is really the discovery of this holiday, after Parc Gu&eum;ll we find this the most beautiful park, much nicer than the busy Parc de la Ciutadella.
The labyrinth Teije in the Horta Labyrinth ParkFrom the highest terraces we also have a beautiful view of the city and the labyrinth where we have just wandered around. There are ponds, waterfalls and nice bridges, just a wonderful place to be if you have enough of the hustle and bustle in the city.
Placa Reial Taking a break, Placa ReialAt the end of the afternoon we are back in the center and on Placa Reial we try a terrace where we have not yet been, on the north side. Since we only wanted to drink and not eat, we are put away in a corner and it takes almost half an hour before our order is taken. But to be honest, that does not bother us, we just enjoy being able to sit in the sun and looking at the people in the square, for example to the homeless woman who shares her chips with a couple of cats.
After a short break in our apartment we go for a few hours to the streets again, wander through the old city and occasionally sit on a terrace. What a wonderful city, at least if the weather cooperates a bit, because here you just have to be outside as much as possible!


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