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Wandering around Barcelona and then back home

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Friday 26 September, wandering around Barcelona and then back home

The last day again, the time has flown and because of the few days we had bad weather it seems even shorter! We have to be at the airport by 4 o'clock and that's why we have no more big plans for today.
Placa duc de la Medinaceli Monumental postofficerWe quickly packed the suitcases, but we will only pick them up later this afternoon. First a walk along the boulevard and take some pictures of places where we have walked past several times. Everywhere are monumental squares, buildings and monuments and actually that is a miracle if you read how violently the battle has always been between Spain (Madrid) and the Catalan areas of which Barcelona is the most important city. The Frisians in Holland can learn something from that ... But we hear from some locals that the Barcelonians sometimes go quite far with their sense of independence, as if we do not yet have a European Union. (Well, the independance claim in 2017 proved that quite well).
The beaters are on a height of 2 metersOn our way to the metro station Barceloneta we walk past this door and suddenly see a few people taking a picture, an American couple. If others take a picture of something, we are always curious why and now it becomes clear from what they say. That we had not seen it yet! The door knockers on this door are at a height of more than 2 meters, much too high for those who want to hit them against the door. But in retrospect, one of us should have to stand next to it so that you could see the relationship better and that the beaters were really too high for a normal person.
Then we take the metro to the north but we end up in a boring neighborhood instead of near the three towers that probably belong to the Olympic village and that we have seen so often from afar. That is also for a next time, we are clearly not yet tired of this amazing city.
Fruit artist on the Rambla Fountain on Placa ReialSoon we are back in the metro back to the Ramblas where we walk around for the last time this year. Then another cup of coffee on Placa Reial. What strikes us everywhere in the city today is that so many police are present. Would it be a 'clean-up day' again? Occasionally, Barcelona has such a day when homeless people are chased away from their regular places and there are strict controls on alcohol use in public and other abuses that could jeopardize tourism.
After noon we close our apartment (a pity, it was so nice and pleasant place to stay) and walk with our suitcases towards Rambla where we have a look around on a terrace. Oh, the cable car above the city from the harbor seems to be going again, we see in the distance. But well, we do not have time for that today, luckily ...
Our plane in the rain, BarcelonaAnd then we take the metro and then the train to the airport. The first time we go by train and we are almost going in the wrong direction. It is chaos at the train station and we have to walk much further than we expected. Also at the airport itself we are at least one kilometer away from the departure halls and outside we see that the sun is gone and that it suddenly rains! With rain we arrived and with rain we leave again ...
View from the Airbus 320 View from the Airbus 320But the plane leaves on time. I still do not like flying, especially the takeoff and the landing. But I like to get as fast as possible to a city like Barcelona, so this is the best option, I just have to hold on and try admire the beautiful sky between takeoff and landing. In no time at all we are back at Schiphol where we, of course, just miss the train. But more will follow.
Strange, one moment you sit in the sun on a terrace, and the next you sit in the rain, above the clouds and a moment later then you step in your car to arrive home a few hours later, almost 2000 kilometers from the place where you were that morning. Despite the few lesser days as far as weather is concerned, we have a lot of new nice holiday memories plus a list of things that we still have to see one day. We are absolutely not city people, but Barcelona is really the metropolis we want to go to more often!


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