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From Øksendrup via Copenhagen to Sweden, Malmø

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Sunday 16 June, from Øksendrup via Copenhagen to Sweden, Malmø

Well rested, we leave for a not too long trip to Sweden. Soon we pass the first toll bridge, from the island of Funen to the island Sjælland (about €32). Naturally, we can't pass Copenhagen witout visiting it, but we are not very impressed by it. Maybe because it is a quiet sunday morning.
CopenhagenAt the museum there is a model of the city as it looked around 1600 AD. After having walked around for an hour, we feel we have seen enough here and continue our way to Sweden. This time we have to cross the bridge which links Sweden (and thereby Norway and Finland as well) to the European continent. This bridge has been finished in 2000, but the first proposals for this bridge date back to 1886!
The toll is worth it. We rather drive for a few hours and enjoy the scenery than spending a night on a ferry.
Quite early we arrive in Sweden. We put away the Danish crowns and bring out the Swedish crowns. Soon we pass the Øresund-bridge and we arrive in Sweden, the first time for Elisabeth, so that's another country on her growing list.
Malmö Old phone boothWe only have a short trip to make, so we decide to pay a visit to Malmö, a colourful and cheerful town. The weather is nice while we take a walk through the town and sit for a while at an outdoor café. Walking back to the car we see this amazing phone box: it still functions!
Lake BolmenBut we are here to see more of Sweden and we continue on our way to the north. Soon we find out that this 'barest' part of Sweden already has a lot of woods. On our map we see there is a castle near lake Bolmen, Piksborg, and we love castles, so we drive towards it. The surroundings are beautiful, but no trace of a castle, not even a ruin! Only a sign indicating the castle was build in the beginning of the 14th century and was destroyed totally a few decades later.
ChurchOur destination is Jälluntofta, 50 km. south of Jönköping and we have plenty of time to drive around aimlessly, enjoying the sceneries.
And one then sometimes walks (or drives) into the nicest unexpected things, like this wooden bell tower, standing apart from the church.
Log cabin Jälluntofta Log cabin JälluntoftaAt the beginning of the evening we arrive at the camping of Jälluntofta which also has some log cabins. The cabin turns out much better than we had expected: we counted on cabins without electricity or water. This one has both!
Log cabin Jälluntofta Log cabin JälluntoftaThere is also a refrigerator, a hot plate and it has a lot of space. We don't think every cabin will be as luxurious as this one (although it would be very nice).
Sunset at JälluntoftaThe location is also great: from our porch we have a magnificent view over the lake and the setting sun. We wonder how often we will see a sunset on this trip, probably not too many.
Earlier on the day, we have discovered that we have forgotten to hand in the key of our motelroom in Denmark. So we call the owners and he asks us to mail it to him as soon as possible, for he has no reserve key. Our fault (but he has also forgotten to ask for it). But apart from that we are very happy with the quiet trip and the short walks we have made. Enjoying the warmth of the sun until quite late we feel our holiday has really started.


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